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This Thursday Portland gets a special treat: to see the world's leading annual computer animation festival and to hear Emily Hsu from Laika speak about the traveling show. The Festival includes the most innovative, accomplished, and amazing digital film and video creations — the best work of the year — outstanding achievements in animated feature and short films, scientific visualization, visual effects, real-time graphics, game excerpts, and much more.

Emily Hsu, Production Sessions Chair for SIGGRAPH 2017 will speak about the current show and submitting work to the next festival. She'll answer questions about the CAF 2016 and give special notes on those shorts, such as Cosmos Laundromat — the pilot for a feature-film that is definitely the first free/open source animated feature-film production.

  • Date: Thursday, December 1, 2016
  • Time: registration starts at 6:00, speaker at 6:30, then the screening
  • Place: PCC Cascade Moriarty Arts Auditorium (MAHB room 104 off of Albina and Killingsworth), 705 N Killingsworth St., Portland Oregon, 97217.
  • Tickets: available at EventBrite or at the door; Free for current SIGGRAPH chapter members (join now) and PCC multimedia club members; $4.00 (Discounted for) Laika staff, ASIFA members, students and affiliates; $9.00 General Public
  • Trailer: with some extra content
  • Transportation: parking available on the street and in lots: parking and mass transit recommended. See map.

Playlist: the Traveling Computer Animation Festival includes:
  • Accidents, Blunders, and Calamities — James Cunningham
  • Alike — Daniel Martinez Lara
  • Glass Half — Blender Foundation
  • Tea Time — Thomas Bourret, et al.
  • Tokyo Cosmo — Takahiro Miyauchi
  • Citipati — Andreas Feix
  • Solar Superstorms — NCSA
  • League of Legends Project Overdrive — Axis Animation
  • Mafia III — Blur Studio
  • Shell V-Power "Shapeshifter" — Framestore CFC
  • Behind the Magic: Warcraft — Industrial Light & Magic
  • Behind the Magic: Marvel's Captain America Civil War — Industrial Light & Magic
  • Les Marmottes Mariachi — Le Groupe Mikros Image
  • None of That — Ringling College of Art and Design
  • Escargore — Media Design School
  • Crabe-Phare, Gaetan Borde, et al.
  • Borrowed Time — Quorum Films, LLC
  • Cosmos Laundromat — Blender Foundation
Running time: approximately 90 minutes

About the Speaker
Emily Hsu is the Production Sessions Chair for SIGGRAPH 2017 in Los Angeles (July 30 - August 3, 2017). She also happens to have a day job here in the Pacific Northwest as a Production Coordinator at LAIKA in Hillsboro, Oregon. Emily started out in the industry as a Recruiting Intern at PDI/DreamWorks, where she first learned about SIGGRAPH when half the company seemed to be out of the office during the week of the conference! The following year, she decided to join the fun and see what it was all about as a Student Volunteer for SIGGRAPH 2010 and quickly fell in love with the conference and all it had to offer, eventually volunteering more time as a Team Leader, a Subcommittee member, and now a Committee Chair. A graduate of UC Berkeley, she holds dual degrees in Business Admin and Film & Media Studies. Before becoming a proud member of the LAIKA team, she also had work experiences at companies including Pixar, Allied-THA, Sony DADC, and CBS Radio's 99.7 NOW.

About the Local Chapter
Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH serves the needs of local computer graphics industry professionals and students; to promote an increased knowledge of the educational, artistic, and scientific applications of modern technology for graphics; to enhance communication between persons in the field, that have an interest in aspects of computer graphics. For more information on Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH and membership, visit the website at

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