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What will we print next!?!?
Here at 3DV, we are printing things constantly. We decided to start sharing our process and what we have learned over the years with anyone who is curious! If you have something you want to see us print please submit your print job to our 3D Hubs https://www.3dhubs.com/service/3DVcorp then watch it come to life.

How to Orient 3D Prints

The main reasons you will need to think about print orientation is for aesthetics, strength, and supports. With FDM printing you will get the greatest amount of detail in the Z direction. (The vertical direction) The reason that is, is due to the...

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Top 5 Websites With Free 3D Printable Models?

Don't have the time 3D model what you want? Don't worry, there are 1000's of free 3D models just begging you to print them! Before you spend hundreds of hours modeling an entire Iron-man suit for your next cosplay adventure, check out one of these...

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