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  1. Incorrect bed leveling
    1. If your print peels up or the nozzle gets jammed around the first few layers, your bed might not be leveled correctly. To level the bed correctly follow these guides. Ultimaker 2+ bed leveling guide, Ultimaker 3 bed leveling guide, Ultimaker S5 Bed leveling guide
  2. Incorrect Settings
    1. If you are not using Ultimaker materials it is easy to forget to double check your material settings. In Ultimaker Cura make sure you select the correct base material profile first, by selecting PLA for instance in the upper right of the program, then go to advanced setting, open the material tab and make sure those settings match the manufacturers recommended setting for your material. If you have an Ultimaker 3 or newer and use Ultimaker branded materials you will not have to worry about this issue.
  3. Tangled Filament
    1. If you see your printer printing in mid air, it doesn't always mean you have a clogged nozzle. First make sure your spool rotates freely. If it doesn't, you might have accidentally slipped the end of the spool under a winding and caused a knot. Sadly, this problem wont show up until hours after you start a print and it's not an easy problem to spot.
      1. The best way to prevent this is to never let go of the end of the filament and always thread the filament through the holes on the of the spool before you let go of it.
  4. Not Using Support Material
    1. It is easy to forget or miss overhangs if your are not paying close attention. Luckily Ultimaker Cura highlights overhangs in red so if you see that on your model don't forget to turn on supports before you send your print.
  5. Not Monitoring Your 3D Print
    1. This is an easy habit to get into when using an Ultimaker printer but every hour or so make sure to check on your print. If you have an Ultimaker 3 or newer this is as easy as opening up Ultimaker Cura, clicking on the Monitor tab at the top left and then clicking on the camera icon on the specific printer you would like to monitor. If the video feed isn't available make sure you are connected to the same network as the printer.
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