Print Core CC 0.4

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    *The CC Print Core is available now!!*

    Print Core CC is a swappable print core used for printing composite materials including Carbon fiber composite materials, Metal composite materials, fiberglass composite materials, and UV composite materials.

    Ultimaker's new abrasion-resistant print core for the Ultimaker S5 designed to work seamlessly with industrial-grade materials from leading brands. Sign up to receive more details, including:

    • Specs and capabilities of the new print core CC  0.4
    • How to download preconfigured profiles for third-party materials in Ultimaker Cura
    • Which materials are compatible with these profiles
    • Ideal applications for these materials, from functional prototyping to end-use parts

    Print core CC is a swappable print core made for Ultimaker S5 with a nozzle diameter of 0.6 mm. It has a custom nozzle geometry optimized for composite materials.