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    Get ready for a faster, more flexible renderer with Arnold 6- now with full GPU!

    With Arnold 6, Arnold can now be used for production rendering on both the CPU and GPU. From look development to final frame rendering, Arnold 6 with Arnold GPU simplifies how you create and iterate content, giving you the speed and flexibility to keep up with tight production deadlines and scale rendering capacity as needed. We’ve made it easy to toggle between CPU and GPU rendering, keeping the same settings with a single click. Arnold GPU is based on NVIDIA’s OptiX framework and optimized to take advantage of NVIDIA RTX technology.

    Single vs. Multi-User Subscription

    Moving the Arnold buying experience to the Autodesk e-store means you get immediate access to your software when you subscribe, and do not have to install and configure multi-user license servers when you only need a single seat.

    Whereas multi-user access allows licenses to be shared across multiple workstations using a network license server, a single-user license can only be used by one user. With single-user access, you need to connect to the Internet every 30 days and sign into the software so that Autodesk can verify that the subscription is still current as well as keep the software up-to-date.

    For more information, read the Arnold Single-User FAQ.

    3DV, an Autodesk reseller for 25 years is here to make sense of variables like Single User, Multi-user, Basic Subscription, Advanced Subscription and ever changing promotions which make purchasing decisions difficult. 3DV offers free consulting to help you find the appropriate option for your needs.

    Arnold 6 Highlights

    We first unveiled Arnold GPU as a beta release in March 2019 with support for a set number of features, including shading networks, hair, SSS, atmospherics, instancing, and procedurals. Arnold 6 now rounds out the Arnold GPU toolset with updates across lights, shaders, and cameras:

    • Improved support for Open Shading Language (OSL)
    • Improved support for OpenVDB volumes
    • Textures are now loaded on-demand instead of at the start of the render, helping to reduce memory usage and save time from the first pixel
    • Time to first pixel is now faster thanks to a number of improvements including more efficient NVIDIA OptiX caching
    • Bounding volume hierarchy (BVH) memory used by geometry is reduced by as much as 50% for large meshes
    • A first version of the new Shadow Matte shader has been added to the GPU renderer
    • Excessive sources of noise have been removed, such as indirect noise in refractions or reflections. GPU noise is now on par with CPU noise when using adaptive sampling, which has been improved to yield even faster, more predictable results regardless of the renderer used.
    • Most LPEs (39/46 and counting) are now supported
    • The majority of lights are supported, including portals
    • All cameras are now supported
    • Most shaders are supported

    Note that at this time, there are still some limitations to rendering with Arnold GPU. You can find more information on supported features and known limitations as well as hardware and drive requirements for Arnold GPU on the Arnold documentation portal.

    Toon Shader

    Extremely easy to use and fully customizable shaders to achieve any look you are going for.

    Arnold Operators

    Operators are a recent and powerful addition to Arnold allowing the query, modification, and creation of nodes directly in the Arnold scene.

    Photo real Rendering

    MPC used Maya to build and animate the 3D jaguar, NUKE for character compositing and Flame for running the main edit and conforms, including

    clean up on the car sequences.

     Arnold in 3ds Max

    Arnold for 3ds Max (or MAXtoA) is bundled standard with 3ds Max 2018 and later, providing a bridge to the Arnold renderer from within the

    standard 3ds Max interface.

    Arnold in Maya

    Arnold for Maya (or MtoA) provides a bridge to the Arnold renderer from within Maya's standard interface.

    System Requirements

    Arnold GPU works on NVIDIA GPUs of the Turing, Volta, Pascal, and Maxwell architectures. Multiple GPUs will improve performance, and NVLink can be used to connect multiple GPUs of the same architecture to share memory (On Windows, we recommend enabling SLI as well).

    See the full list of supported GPUs.

    Recommended NVIDIA drivers:

    NVIDIA Driver Downloads