Ultimaker 2+ Maintenance Kit

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Item #: Ultimaker 2+ Maintenance Kit
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    Keep downtime to a minimum. Now that you've made an investment in an Ultimaker 2+ or Ultimaker 2 Extended+ 3D printer, make sure you're covered for anything that might go wrong. The Ultimaker maintenance kit includes all of the items that would most commonly need replacement.

    What’s included?

    1. 1x Glass plate
    2. 1x Bowden tube
    3. 1x PT100 B sensor
    4. 1x Heater cartridge
    5. 1x Magnalube
    6. 1x Machine oil
    7. 1x Calibration card
    8. 2x Build plate clamp
    9. 2x Clamp clip
    10. 2x Tube coupling collet
    11. 1x Hot end isolator
    12. 4x Olsson nozzles (0.40, 0.25, 0.60 and 0.80 mm)
    13. 2x TFM isolator coupler
    14. 1x Print head alignment aid
    15. 1x Hot-end cooling fan
    16. 2x Print cooling fan