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Ultimaker 2 Extended+

Reliable 3D printing – Tailored to your needs

Ultimaker 2+ is designed to perform. Reliable, consistent, and user-friendly, it’s suitable for a limitless variety of applications, from functional prototypes to customized tools. It supports a wide range of materials and delivers powerful, first-class results with every print.

When you buy an Ultimaker 2 Extended+ you will recieve:

  • Ultimaker 2+ Extended 3D Printer
  • Swappable 0.25, 0.40, 0.60, 0.80 mm nozzles
  • 0.75kg spools of Ultimaker Silver PLA
  • SD Card and USB Cable
  • Glue stick, grease, hex wrenches, calibration card, and more!

Price:Price: $2,999.00

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Consistency and quality

Designed by experts and enriched by our global community, Ultimaker 2+ performs even complex 3D printing tasks with ease. It’s particularly effective for printing bridging, overhangs, and accurate details, enabling users to create high-quality, consistent results, tailored to their business.

Unrivaled results

With a powerful print head, large build volume and up to 20 micron layer resolution, Ultimaker 2+ delivers outstanding results, whilst remaining compact enough to fit on your desktop.

Geared feeder

The geared feeder places more pressure on the filament, whilst reducing heat exposure from the motor. This improves grip and boosts torque (which eliminates filament skipping in the extruder motor), and filament can be easily removed or inserted by using the griprelease button.

Heated glass build plate

Ultimaker 2+ features a stiff glass build plate, designed to produce superior results. It’s heated, enabling users to print with a wider range of materials, and is removable, for easy print access.

Efficient cooling

Powerful fans create optimized airflow for efficient cooling. Fancaps aim the air directly below the nozzle and equally from both sides, resulting in high-quality bridging, smooth surfaces, and fast prints.

Optimized Cura material profiles

Ultimaker’s open source slicing software is free to use and renowned for producing remarkable results. The extensively tested preconfigured profiles ensure great print success rates. Users can customize values in a couple of clicks, creating a fully bespoke 3D printing experience.

Cost-effective, customized functional prototypes

ABB Robotics is a global leader in the field of power and automation technologies, creating industrial robots for the automotive, electronics, and manufacturing industries. By using 3D printing technology, ABB Robotics experienced dramatic improvements. Engineering was reduced to 1-4 hours per finger (with an average cost of $427), and productivity was boosted. The company can now use previously designed fingers, or design and print new ones in the same day. ABB Robotics estimate they’ve saved over $100,000 by purchasing just one Ultimaker 2+.

Ultimaker 3’s integrated system of hardware, software, and materials ensures a smooth, straightforward workflow, not to mention unparalleled results. The innovative dual-core print head features print cores for build and support materials, and the auto-nozzle lift system results in reliable, intricate dual-extrusion prints.


Ultimaker 2+ Ultimaker 2+ Extended

Dimensions with bowden tube and spool holder: 342 x 493 x 588 mm
(13.5 x 19.4 x 23.1 inches)
342 x 493 x 688 mm
(13.5 x 19.4 x 27.1 inches)

Weight: 11.3 kg (399 ounces)

12.3 kg (434 ounces)

Build volume: 223 x 223 x 205 mm
(8.8 x 8.8 x 8.1 inches)
223 x 223 x 305 mm
(8.8 x 8.8 x 12.0 inches)

Printer and printing properties

Assembly type Pre-assembled

Layer resolution 0.25 mm nozzle: 150 to 60 micron
0.40 mm nozzle: 200 to 20 micron
0.60 mm nozzle: 400 to 20 micron
0.80 mm nozzle: 600 to 20 micron
Build plate 50 ˚C to 100 ˚C heated glass build plate

Build plate leveling Assisted leveling process

Print technology Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Print head Dual extrusion print head

Print core replacement Swappable nozzle

Build speed 0.25 nozzle: up to 8 mm³/s
0.40 nozzle: up to 16 mm³/s
0.60 nozzle: up to 23 mm³/s
0.80 nozzle: up to 24 mm³/s
Print head travel speed 30 to 300 mm/s

Feeder type Geared feeder

XYZ accuracy 12.5, 12.5, 5 micron

Nozzle diameter Included are 0.25, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 mm nozzles

Nozzle temperature 180 °C to 260 °C

Nozzle heat up time < 1 minutes

Build plate heat up time < 4 minutes

Operating sound 50 dBA


System Open filament system

Filament diameter 2.85 mm

Supported materials PLA, ABS, CPE, CPE+, PC, Nylon, TPU 95A

Ultimaker filament A spool of Ultimaker filament is 750 g


Software Cura, our free print preparation software

Supported OS Free on macOS, Windows and Linux

Supported file types STL, OBJ and 3MF

File transfer Standalone 3D printing from SD card (included)

Operating ambient temperature 15 °C to 32 °C (59 °F to 90 °F)

Nonoperating temperature 0 °C to 32 °C (32 °F to 90 °F)

Input 100 - 240 V
4A, 50-60 Hz
221 W max.

Output 24 V DC, 9.2 A

Service and support

Warranty You’ll enjoy a comprehensive 12 month warranty (excl. hot end).

Lifetime support Expert technical support via email, phone, or from our global community is available to you for the lifetime of your printer.

Extended support Online support pages, an easy to use app, extensive manuals, a detailed knowledgebase and so much more. You’re never far from the answers you need.


  • Nylon (750g) Nylon, nylon black, nylon transparent, nylon clear, Ultimaker 2+, Ultimaker 2+ Extended, Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker, 3D printer, Ultimaker 3D printer, 3D printing, desktop 3D printer, dual extrusion

    Nylon (750g)

    Ultimaker NylonUsed by many manufacturers worldwide, Nylon (polyamide) is well-known for its...

    Price: $69.95 ADD TO CART
  • PLA (750g) PLA, PLA Transparent, PLA clear, PLA white, PLA black, PLA silver, PLA grey, PLA gray, PLA pearl white, PLA blue, PLA magenta, PLA red, PLA orange, PLA yellow, PLA green, Ultimaker 2+, Ultimaker 2+ Extended, Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker, 3D printer, Ultimaker 3D printer, 3D printing, desktop 3D printer, dual extrusion

    PLA (750g)

    Ultimaker PLAUltimaker PLA (polylactic acid) filament provides a no-hassle 3D printing experience...

    Price: $49.95 ADD TO CART
  • ABS (750g) ABS, ABS white, ABS black, ABS silver, ABS grey, ABS gray, ABS pearl gold, abs blue, abs red, abs orange, abs yellow, abs green, Ultimaker 2+, Ultimaker 2+ Extended, Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker, 3D printer, Ultimaker 3D printer, 3D printing, desktop 3D printer, dual extrusion

    ABS (750g)

    Ultimaker ABSUsed by an array of industries worldwide, ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is...

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  • CPE (750g) CPE, CPE Transparent, CPE clear, CPE white, CPE black, CPE grey, CPE gray, CPE light grey, CPE blue, CPE red, CPE yellow, CPE green, Ultimaker 2+, Ultimaker 2+ Extended, Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker, 3D printer, Ultimaker 3D printer, 3D printing, desktop 3D printer, dual extrusion

    CPE (750g)

    Ultimaker CPECPE (co-polyester) materials are chemical resistant, tough and demonstrate good...

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