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Maxon Service Agreement

The Maxon Service Agreement

Automatically up-to-date, precise calculation, optimal support

We would like to offer you the optional Maxon Service Agreement (MSA) as the perfect addition to your current Cinema 4D or BodyPaint 3D version. The Maxon Service Agreement offers a wide range of advantages for the duration of the one-year agreement:

  • Automatically up-to-date
    As an MSA customer you will automatically receive all updates and upgrades for your software products in accordance with your MSA contract. You will always be able to work with the newest Maxon software and also benefit from attractive pricing compared to regular update pricing.

  • Free premium access to
    As an MSA customer you will receive premium access to Maxon’s online training platform, where you will find thousands of high-quality video tutorials, plug-ins and resources for Cinema 4D.

  • Precise investment planning
    In the face of ever changing conditions you have to stay as flexible as possible to meet market demands. Your MSA gives you a stable foundation for precisely planning future investments thanks to very favorable terms and conditions.

  • Preferred support
    The Maxon Service Agreement also offers additional service features. In addition to benefitting from preferred phone support, Maxon and its partners invite you to take advantage of special pricing for all Maxon events.

The MAXON Service Agreement (MSA) is optionally available to MAXON customers. Participating customers are kept up-to-date with the newest releases of Cinema 4D and/or BodyPaint 3D. When a new software version is available, MSA participants will receive these automatically, allowing them to take advantage of all new features and advancements.The MAXON Service Agreement is ideal for companies working with fixed budgets - no more surprises when planning next year's expenses.

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