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    MAXON's BodyPaint 3D is the ultimate tool for creating high-end textures and unique sculptures.

    Wave goodbye to UV seams, inaccurate texturing and constant back-and-forth switching to your 2D image editor. Say hello to hassle-free texturing that lets you quickly paint highly detailed textures directly on your 3D objects.

    BodyPaint 3D also offers a comprehensive set of sculpting tools that let you turn a simple object into a detailed work of art.

    BodyPaint 3D

    MAXON's BodyPaint 3D is the ultimate tool for creating high-end textures and unique sculptures. BodyPaint 3D also offers a comprehensive set of sculpting tools that let you turn a simple object into a detailed work of art.

    Why 2D is Not Enough

    Graphics applications designed for 2D do not take into account your scene's lighting or the effect of different material channels. BodyPaint 3D does that and more with its unique RayBrush feature. Rather than saving, reloading and rendering textures you can paint in real-time on a rendered image and see the results of reflection, transparency, bump and more.


    Painting in 3D is governed by UVs, a set of coordinates that relate polygons to texturing areas. Properly designed UV coordinates are essential to successful painting and quality texturing in 3D. Because almost all 3D models involve contours in 3D space, standard projections like spherical and flat mapping can never provide distortion-free texturing. Each model must be set up with correctly aligned UVs prior to painting, just like taping off the trim in a room prior to painting.

    Painting & Texturing

    MAXON BodyPaint 3D's exclusive RayBrush technology allows you to paint directly onto a raytraced image. RayBrush eliminates the need to continually switch applications or perform test renders. You can see the actual rendered effect while painting in any channel, including reflection, transparency and bump. You can even paint on multiple textures at once when in RayBrush mode. This outstanding feature takes advantage of MAXON's award-winning render engine, known for speed and quality.


    Model organic surfaces and easily increase the level of detail on any object with the fully-integrated Sculpt system in Cinema 4D Release 14 Studio and BodyPaint 3D Release 14. Simply click Subdivide to increase the level of detail, transforming your mesh into digital clay. Mold your mesh with intuitive sculpting tools that pull, smooth, flatten, knife and pinch the surface. Take advantage of advanced symmetry options, stamps, stencils and masks to create complex sculpts and surface details.

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    System requirements for Cinema 4D R17 and BodyPaint 3D R17
    Operating System Windows
    • Windows 8.1 64-bit (all versions)
    • Windows 8 64-bit (all versions)
    • Windows 7 64-bit (all versions)
    • Windows 10 64-bit (all versions)
    • Windows 2012 Server 64-bit


    • Apple Mac OS X 10.8.5~(and higher)

    CPU minimum requirements

    Windows PC

    • Intel Pentium 4
    • Athlon 64


    • Intel Core 2 Solo

    Cinema 4D R16 and higher support the following processors families (SSE3 support required)

    • Intel Pentium 4
    • Intel Pentium 4 D
    • Intel XEON
    • Intel Core 2
    • Intel Core i7
    • Intel Core i5
    • Intel Core i3
    • Intel Celeron
    • Intel Celeron D
    • AMD Sempron
    • AMD Athlon 64
    • AMD Opteron
    • AMD Phenom
    • AMD FX
    • AMD Ontario
    • AMD Zacate
    • AMD Kabini
    • AMD Temash
    • AMD Beema
    • AMD Mullins
    • AMD Llano
    • AMD Trinity
    • AMD Richland
    • AMD Kaveri

    Processors not supported

    • Intel Core Solo
    • Intel Core Duo
    • Intel Pentium M
    • Intel Xeon Phi
    • Intel Itanium
    • Intel Itanium II
    • Intel Pentium
    • Intel Pentium II
    • Intel Pentium III
    • Intel 486
    • AMD K6
    • AMD K7
    • Athlon XP/MP
    • AMD Duron
    • Power 4
    • IBM PowerPC G3
    • IBM PowerPC G4
    • IBM PowerPC G5
    • ARM
    • VIA C7

    Graphics cards

    Generally speaking, Cinema 4D and BodyPaint 3D support all OpenGL 3.2-capable graphics cards. Nevertheless, we recommend using a dedicated 3D graphics card with an AMD or NVIDIA chip set. High-performance graphics chips are currently already available in mid-range laptops.
    Make sure that you always use the most current certified graphics card driver (no beta versions).
    To find out more about processing speed, CINEBENCH test results can be found online.

    Important notice
    MAXON is not responsible for the compatibility of individual graphics cards with the OpenGL mode. Due to the large number and types of available chip sets, operating systems and driver versions we cannot guarantee the compatibility of all systems.
    The technical specifications of MAXON products are constantly changing. Please use the most current demo version of the software to test its compatibility on your computer.

    Windows 10 There are no known Cinema 4D issues that are Windows 10-specific but your user experience might differ, depending on your hardware. Our closed field test showed that some but not all GPU drivers or input device drivers work less reliably on the new operating system, especially when using third-party plugins that rely on these drivers. This can change anytime if these drivers are updated, which means that no general guidelines exist regarding which graphics cards will be affected. For users of Intel HD2500 / HD4000 GPUs, we don't recommend the use of Windows 10 because they will most likely not receive the necessary updates.
    QuickTime: Some versions could not be used with Windows 10. However, we received positive feedback with regard to using the current version 7.7.9 with Windows and Cinema 4D. According to the website, there is no official support for Windows 10. Download: