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3D printing is now easier than ever and is no longer for the technically gifted. If you have a model with a solid foundation and you don't have any overhangs you can print like this until your hearts content. If your still not convinced by its ease of use, follow us over the next few week as we show you how to use this wonderful printer. If you don't know how to model but want to start printing in the mean time head on over to or and there you will find thousands of models to print. The model we chose to print in this video was excellently crafted for FDM printers like the Ultimaker 3.

When you are buying an Ultimaker you are buying quality. All of the technical work is done for you and all you need to do is pick your print quality, tell the printer if you want to use supports and then add some build plate adhesion if you desire and hit print! It's that simple.

But, if you are an advanced user and love tweaking your setting you are in luck. Ultimaker puts no restrictions on its software and there are dozens if not hundreds of setting you can play with.

We will try cover all of this and more in the weeks to come, stay tuned!

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